Uwe Boll wants to kick my ass

Well, not just my ass, but generally the ass of all his critics. While I'd happily accept, I'm pretty sure I only wrote one article in my blog specifically devoted to how much he sucks last year, and he's obviously looking only for really thin and shrimpy critics, with that 150-190 lbs. requirement (I think Richard Roeper fits, lets get him in there). Nevertheless Mr. Boll, I will openly state that as long as you provide the expenses I would gladly kick your ass in a boxing ring, or preferably, a steel cage with tables, ladders and chairs thrown in.

So, moving on to even more ludicrous news (if that's even possible), what the next big reality show about? Cats. That's right, CATS. Now, I like cats. I've had several, and they were all great. That being said, I would not watch a show where the idea is just to see how they behave in some "cat version of Disneyland" as they are calling it. Just makes me more thankful I'm not giving cable TV any of my money.

Ok, that's all I really got for today, but here's the SCRUBS CLIP OF THE WEEK:

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