Learning your roots

Relatively new to the gaming scene, but want to act like you know at least as much as the next ignorant lifelong fanboy? not to worry, your buddy Eric has got some great cliff notes for the uninitiated: Gamepro just released a pretty good feature on The 11 most groundbreaking controllers ever (what, no love for the ridiculously complicated Steel Battalion controller?). Then, 1up has a lovely in-depth article on the "innovations that changed gaming forever". And finally if your eyes aren't too glazed over, head over to Thumbgods for a slightly incomplete but more than sufficient evolution of the home console. This should be more than enough to bluff your way through just about any geek meet.

Moving onto this weekend's movies-Keanu Reeves & Sandra Bullock star together for the first time since Speed in The Lakehouse. I think the concept is interesting enough, but can anybody guess how this impossible love story of two people living in separate times end up? It's times like this I need to remind myself that Keanu Reeves does not suck, and luckily, someone has 40 perfectly good reasons he doesn't. Anybody who has both Bill S. Preston, Esquire & Buddha on their resume deserves serious lifetime props.

But that may be the brightest spot out of mostly surefire duds. Fast and the Furious was a stupid but enjoyable popcorn film. 2 Fast 2 Furious was just another example of Paul Walker's horrendous acting. And now, for the 3rd movie, they move it to Japan with a whole new guy. Well, it worked for the Bad News Bears, right (oh wait, no it didn't)? The saddest part is the are apparently already planning part 4, which may or may not include the return of Vin Diesel.

And speaking of sequels nobody asked for-Garfield is back, and they just decided to essentially steal the whole story from The Prince & The Pauper. Not a bad basis, but as someone who could barely stand 20 minutes of the abysmal original, here's hoping this fat lazy furball who hasn't been funny for over a decade in any format is hauled off to the pound once and for all.

Finally, the only movie that has a bit of real promise this weekend-Nacho Libre. The mere idea of Jack Black being a Mexican Luchadore is genius, and it is from the same guy who brought us Napolean Dynamite, but the lackluster previews and family-friendly PG rating (not too mention it's a Nickelodeon product) give me great pause. I still haven't gotten around to checking out Cars just yet, so that may be my best option this weekend.

But. let's end this post with the newest trailer for one Summer movie that is pure guaranteed awesomeness: TALLADEGA NIGHTS: THE BALLAD OF RICKY BOBBY

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