Curing the Summertime Blues

Ok, sure, there are plenty of ways to fill your summer. Lots of new movies come out, catch up on reading, actually go outside once and awhile (shudder). But hey, I'm a TV junkie, and despite networks refocusing to deliver long overdue original summertime programming, most of it isn't worthwhile (especially since I don't have cable). Luckily there is a completely free solution to anyone with a decent internet connection (meaning higher than 56K). It's called Peekvid, and it's a completely free & legitimate collection of TV shows. Some web-based, some straight from network & cable TV, as well as lots of anime and independent videos. You can waste lots of hours watching episodes of your favorite old shows, or discover completely new ones. The only downside is that the collection is rather sporadic, so it's not the best way to catch up on entire seasons that you missed.

I did see The Breakup on friday, and overall I'd reccomend as it's a solid comedy that doesn't go the typical Hollywood route. But I felt it could've been a bit better if the characters weren't so civil to each other.

All right, that's all for today. Until next week!

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