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This weekend's biggest opening examines what happens when a relationship goes really wrong in The Breakup. Anniston & Vaughn seem like guaranteed comedy gold, but the reviews have not been to kind. I'm probably seeing it later today, so I'll let you know my thoughts on Saturday or Sunday.

One film I did see this week and enjoyed quite a bit was Over the Hedge. It was a really fun and funny film, and the characters manage to be engaing rather than annoying like in most animated fare these days. Special mention shoudl go out to Steve Carrell, who actually bothers to not use his own voice and create a character, rather than not only the rest of the cast, but nearly every other animated film where known actors are simply being themselves.

Moving on, are games really a dangerous addiction? Apparently some people in Europe think so. I think this is possibly the most ridiculous fucking thing I've ever heard. They compare it to gambling, but gambling can make you lose your house and get your limbs broken from loan sharks & bookies. This is hardly an equivalent. And as someone who considers himself a lifelong gamer-I have never gone into serious debt or missed a day of work due to gaming, and have a healthy circle of friends I often hang out with and do things other than play video games with. I really don't know how anybody justifies much less encourages this bullshit.

And that's really all I got for today, but as usual, here's the SCRUBS CLIP OF THE WEEK:


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